Serjeants Undress

Serjeants Undress Jacket – as outlined in the 1802 Warrant, Para. 47D:

“The Waistcoats for Serjeants of the
Rifle Corps are to be of Dark Green Kersey, and issued at all Times complete. To be
Single Breasted with 12 buttons on one side and Holes on the Other, without Loopings.
The Fronts rather Short and No Skirts or Pockets. The Buttons, the Small Uniform Ones
similar to those on the Jackets.”

Item made totally in house, with pointers from the ever-reliant Sean Phillips. Jacket is awaiting the addition of serjeants chevrons, which will be made with a kersey backing (same cloth as jacket), Mock Scarlett and then 3/8 inch serjeants tape: