About the Modern Day 5/60th Rifles:

The re-enactment group was set up in September 2013, by a number of members in the Midlands area. Much research and training followed during the Winter months before the group jumped into the busy 2014 re-enactment season, making appearances at events such as Spetchley Park, Whittington Castle and The Lord Mayors Parade in London.

The group was setup through a shared passion in history, and also owing to the fact that the 5/60th had been somewhat airbrushed from the history books. We aim to uphold the high standards of the original 5/60th Rifles and also of the Napoleonic Re-enactment Fraternity.

The group uses original period drill manuals when exercising, focusing on the Dundas Line Infantry manual, and the Rottenburg Rifle Manual.

We boast over Twenty active members, hailing from all over the UK including Tamworth, Shrewsbury, Stourbridge and Anglesey too. We also have members in Spain and the USA too.

Here is a video explaining the kit that a rifleman of the 5/60th would have worn:

Here is another video, explaining the history and tactics of the 5/60th:

We are extremely elated to announce we have the official backing of the following personalities: 


Rodney Galiffe the Great Great Grandson of Jean Pierre Galiffe (Commanding officer of the 1st Coy. 5/60th Rifles):



Phillip Whitchurch – Actor who played Captain Frederickson (Sweet William) in ‘Sharpe’ :

Phillip Whitchurch (Sweet William) is also our Honorary Colonel!

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